Rose McGowan And Alyssa Milano Feud Over Milano's Friendship With Georgina Chapman

Rose McGowan And Alyssa Milano Feud Over Milano's Friendship With Georgina Chapman

Rose McGowan and Alyssa Milano played sisters together on TV, but it looks like they're far from familial at this point. McGowan recently trashed her former co-star from Charmed, Alyssa, after the actress publicly voiced support and compassion for Georgina Chapman.

Georgina - who is the ex-wife of Harvey Weinstein - left him shortly after the allegations came out against him. Milano spoke to Megyn Kelly on the Today Show and said Chapman was "doing fine" but is incredibly sad.

As you may know, McGowan has been incredibly outspoken in her condemnation of Weinstein and, in her view, a system which allows for such assault and harassment to go unfettered.

Two months ago, Rose took to her Twitter platform to accuse Harvey of rape and detailed her thoughts and feelings regarding the incident between her and Harvey at the Cannes Film Festival.

Alyssa helped kickstart the #MeToo movement by retweeting the phrase which was coined by the African-American woman, Tarana Burke, whom many people in the black community claim should get the sole credit for the "#MeToo" movement, despite her coining of the phrase over ten years ago.

Celebrity Insider reported earlier that Rose took to Twitter to tell Milano that she makes her "want to vomit" and gave her a "body flashback."

Rose derisively suggested Milano and Georgina to "call up Camille Cosby" - the wife of disgraced comedian Bill Cosby, insinuating that Milano and Georgina fraternize with the enemy.

As you may know, over one hundred women accused Bill Cosby of similar crimes, and he went to trial for the Andrea Constand case in 2004. However, the jury ended in gridlock. The comedian will get another trial next year.


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