Rosario Dawson Sued By Former Employee Lawsuit Alleges Assault And Discrimination

Rosario Dawson Sued By Former Employee Lawsuit Alleges Assault And Discrimination
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Rosario Dawson is being sued by a former employee. The lawsuit alleges the employee suffered assault, battery, and discrimination at the hands of Dawson, as well as three members of her family.

Dedrek Finley, a transgender man, has some harsh words to describe the actress and her family. Not only was Finley an employee but he was also reportedly a close friend to the Dawson clan.

TMZ is reporting Finley was good friends with the family when they lived on the East coast. In 2017, at the request of Rosario’s mom, Isabel, Finley agreed to move from New York City to Los Angeles to work with them.

After making the move, Finley decided to reveal to the Dawson family that he was transgender. The lawsuit claims his news did not sit well with Rosario, her mother, stepfather or uncle. They began calling him by his old name and would only use female pronouns when speaking to or about him.

Finley states in the documents that he repeatedly told the actress of the trauma her family was causing him, but Rosario did nothing. He is now accusing her of being transphobic.

"You're a grown woman," Rosario allegedly yelled at Finley. When he corrected her use of the word woman, she said “Whatever”.

The lawsuit states Finley lived in a guest house on Rosario’s North Hollywood property. He did not pay rent but claims he did multiple renovations to her home.

According to TMZ , things escalated between Isabel and Finley in April 2018, when his hours were cut drastically. He was also told he would need to find another place to live.

When Isabel knocked on his door to discuss the issue, Finley refused. The incident escalated with Isabel reportedly getting violent, threatening to kill his cat, pulling him through a screen window and repeatedly punching Finley in the face. Rosario allegedly helped hold him during the altercation so her mother could continue the beatdown.

After finally getting free, Finley called the police and was treated at a nearby hospital only to be served with restraining order papers from Isabel the next day. Finley further claims he was forced out of his home after the family made his living conditions deplorable.

Dedrek Finley, a transgender former employee of Rosario Dawson is suing the actress, her mom Isabel, her stepfather Gregory and uncle Gustavo. The lawsuit indicates he is suing the family for assault, battery, trespass, discrimination, civil rights, and labor violations.

Neither the actress nor her family has commented on Finley’s lawsuit.

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