Rosario Dawson Shows Her Support And Pride After Boyfriend Cory Booker Is Reelected

Rosario Dawson Shows Her Support And Pride After Boyfriend Cory Booker Is Reelected
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Page Six picked up on a social media post from Rosario Dawson this week in which the actress reflected on how happy she was following the news that her boyfriend, Cory Booker, was reelected in New Jersey. On her Instagram account, this Wednesday, the 41-year-old actress posted a message expressing her support for him.

Rosario, who has been dating Cory for approximately two years, wrote that she was "so proud and grateful for you my love." She went on to say that she got to vote for him in New Jersey and was so glad he was able to get his seat again.

In case you missed it, this Tuesday, the 51-year-old Democrat, Booker, beat Republican Rikin Mehta with a 60% vote. According to Page Six, Booker is an ambitious politician as well. The outlet claims tried to become the Democratic nominee for the presidential race, but he dropped out earlier in the year.

As it was previously reported in March of last year, Dawson and Booker started dating after Page Six said they were dating each other away from the public's eye. However, she later spoke with TMZ and described Booker as a "wonderful human being," and claimed she loved spending time with him when they both had the time for it.

In June of this year, Dawson revealed she was going to pack her belongings and move in with Booker in Newark, New Jersey, where he served as the mayor before becoming a senator in 2013.

The last time we heard from Rosario Dawson was when she claimed that her "come-out story" from the previous year had a grain of truth to it . In February of this year, Rosario did an interview with the outlet, Bustle, in which she touched on a post that came out in 2018.


It was Pride Month of 2018, and Rosario posted a photo on her account of a woman singing about her sexual identity as a gay woman. Many of her fans thought Rosario was trying to say something subliminally. During the chat, Rosario alleged that she never did "come out-come out," but it wasn't "inaccurate either."

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