Rosario Dawson Claims She's Not Smoking Weed Again Until 4/20

Rosario Dawson Claims She's Not Smoking Weed Again Until 4/20
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Near the ending of 2019, Rosario Dawson's father had to get surgery for pancreatic cancer. For that reason, Rosario chose to swear off marijuana for the time being. In other words, the Clerks II actress has been on a health kick.

Page Six reports that the actress has mostly been eating a plant-based vegan diet, including fish sporadically, spinach, yams, and oatmeal. Arguably, the most important part of the diet, however, is avoiding the two most popular substances in the United States, alcohol and weed.

During a new interview with Women's Health, Dawson explained that she feels "contaminated by the planet," added to her experience of watching her dad struggle through his journey. Consequently, she's committed herself to a healthy lifestyle.

According to the actress, she's working toward having as much "clarity" and focus on her life as possible. Admittedly, she's intending on consuming CBD on April 20th, 2020. Dawson first rose to fame when she was noticed by Larry Clark and given the controversial role in the 1995 movie, Kids.

At the time, Rosario was just 15-years-old. Rosario is a single mother, and also has an adopted teenage daughter, Isabella. Reportedly, she and her daughter see a therapist together, which has helped them feel each other out and also cope with her own childhood feelings.

In the past, Rosario has been candid about her own struggles with sexual abuse in the #MeToo age. The star revealed she has learned so much about trauma in recent years. She would always feel angry, and ultimately, chose to step away from those feelings.

Additionally, Rosario is dating the politician, Cory Booker, who recently dropped out of the presidential race. The pair have talked about marriage a couple of times. The Seven Pounds actress noted that she and Cory have a lot to experience yet.

According to the Clerks II alum, she and Cory have a strong bond, in fact, it's the strongest relationship with a man she's ever had.

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