Rosanne Cash Talks Growing Up With Dad Johnny Cash And His Marriage To June Carter Cash

Rosanne Cash Talks Growing Up With Dad Johnny Cash And His Marriage To June Carter Cash
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Rosanne Cash is talking about growing up with her famous dad Johnny Cash, as well as his affair and marriage to June Carter Cash.

She is the daughter of Johnny and his first wife, Vivian. Life with her father, who became an icon in the country music world, was full of darkness for Roseanne and her younger sisters, Kathy, Cindy, and Tara.

In the latest issue of People magazine, Roseanne gets candid regarding life with the country music legend, including his drug and alcohol addiction.

"One day, when he came home, it was impossible to connect with him. It was like a door closed. I was 7 or 8. He looked shaky and gaunt, and he couldn't connect. And my mom wouldn't explain it," the 64-year-old share regarding her father's substance abuse battle.

Roseanne believes Johnny's drug addiction started from exhaustion thanks to traveling so much early on in his career. The tensions from his using and drinking, as well as an affair with June Carter, led Vivian to file for divorce.

It was an action Roseanne said relieved her. She was only 12 years old at the time but knew it was the best choice for the family.

One year after the divorce, Johnny went to rehab and got clean for the love of is life June. The couple got married in 1968, but there would be several more relapses throughout their marriage.

"Did June save him? Oh my God, that's the myth, isn't it? How can one adult save another? He saved himself, with his faith and a really strong support network," Roseanne expressed.

The singer admits after Johnny got clean, they started connecting again and life became more focused for the blended family. June had two daughters, Rosie, and Carlene from her previous marriages. Johnny and June had one child together, John Carter Cash.

Roseanne harbors no ill will toward June or her father for their affair.

"It seemed inevitable, though it was so painful for my mom. I had two really good examples from women in my life. My mom gave me this powerful sense of discipline, family, mothering, and detail orientation. And June gave me this sense of expansiveness and how to live life as a performer," she explained.

Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash are still considered country music royalty today years after both their deaths.

Roseanne, who has forged her own music career, gets more candid on their family life in the Ken Burns docu-series, Country Music which is set to kick off on PBS tonight.


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