Rosanna Pansino Shows Results Of Breast Implant Removal Surgery On YouTube

Rosanna Pansino Shows Results Of Breast Implant Removal Surgery On YouTube
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Rosanna Pansino, the cooking YouTuber who has become renowned for her recipes and cooking channel, has become a lot more personal in the last few days. The star recently went under the knife to have her breast implants removed and she showed off part of the procedure on her social media.

In other words, the YouTuber - who got the breast augmentation surgery around 13 years ago - is opting for the so-called "au naturel" look. Pansino wrote in the caption of her photograph, "New year, new me!" The picture was of her with wires attached to her body as if she was gearing up for a surgical procedure.\

Reportedly, Pansino posted a follow-up photo just a few hours after the initial photo in front of her 4.4 million IG followers (she has another 12 million subscribers on YouTube). The next photo is of her putting her thumbs up.

After getting everything finished, Pansino wrote again in the caption of a new photo that everything was a "success." She added that it felt great to be going natural, even though she didn't regret getting breast implants 13 years ago.

The star went on to say that she was happy in her life without them, adding how they also took some of her other fat cells and filled in where the breast implants were. "Everything came out so good! They look amazing!" the YouTuber explained.

Of course, this isn't the first time a media personality has shown off the results of their reversal of a breast augmentation surgery. Chrissy Teigen - the former Sports Illustrated model who went on to marry John Legend - also shared that she had her breast implants removed.

Teigen used the breast implants as the butt of her joke by putting them in a glass bowl as if they were some kind of delicacy. Another star who has discussed breast implants publicly in a similar vein is Victoria Beckham, although, she claimed she regretted ever having bothered with them, unlike Chrissy and Rosanna who merely stated they no longer felt like they needed them to feel good about themselves.

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