Ronnie Magro's Baby Mama Threatens To Let Another Man Raise Their Baby In Latest Episode Of 'Jersey Shore'

Ronnie Magro's Baby Mama Threatens To Let Another Man Raise Their Baby In Latest Episode Of 'Jersey Shore'
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Ronnie Magro and Jen Harley may seem to be very peaceful right now but during the November 15 episode of "Jersey Shore Family Vacation," single Ronnie came out to play after yet another argument with his baby mama. During the texting war, Jen made some shocking claims.

The cast has made their way back to their old stomping grounds but this time instead of staying in the iconic shore house they opted for a gorgeous mansion.

After Vinny Guadagnino and Angelina Pivarnick finally stopped going back and forth , the Staten Island native invited her friend, who goes by the nickname of Jewish Barbie to party with them.

Thinking that Jewish Barbie was going to hook up with Vinny or Pauly D, Angelina told her friend to meet up with them at club Headliners.

Meanwhile, Magro had been in an intense fight with Harley via iMessage. Jen allegedly sent him a photo of his ex (safe to assume it may be Sammi Sweetheart) with her new boyfriend and told him that: "She's happy because she's not with you anymore."

Ronnie also said that the mother of his then-newborn told him that she was going to let another man raise their daughter.

The tense exchange apparently sent Ron into spiral mode where we got to meet his alter ego 'Single Ron.'

Instead of opting for Vinny or Pauly, Jewish Barbie took a dip in the hot tub with the father of one.

If you've been a fan of "JSFV" since it rebooted, you'd know that last season Ronnie began his spiraling when he invited the French tourist into their Miami hot tub where soon after he cheated on Harley with the woman.

At the end of last night's hour, the MTV personality seems to do the same when he invites Barbie to sleep in his bed.

Currently, Jen and Ron seem to be co-existing peacefully. Hopefully, last night's installment won't change their progress .


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