Ronnie Magro Caught On Camera Punching Jen Harley's Security Camera As Drama Turns Serious Again!

Ronnie Magro Caught On Camera Punching Jen Harley's Security Camera As Drama Turns Serious Again!
Credit: Source: TooFab

Ronnie Magro's tumultuous relationship with his baby's mother started the new year off with a bang. After it was reported that the couple got into a huge fight where cops were called, footage of the 'Jersey Shore Family Vacation' star aggressively punching out Jen's security camera has been released.

The popular security company, Ring, has been around for a bit now. It rose to popularity last year when K. Michele famously told a twerking young woman to get off of her porch.

Since then, it seems like Ring is the new ADT.

Video surveillance was released by TMZ where Magro is shown in HD quality punching out the camera before the clip ends.

This comes after the couple got into a nasty NYE fight where things went sour - and quick.

From the multiple reports circulating on the internet, the chaos between the two started when Jen spilled a drink on her baby daddy's shoes, causing him to flee the party they attended. It wasn't long after that Jen claims she came home to her things apparently ransacked through and flat screens broken.

The authorities immediately made him a 'person of interest' in a burglary.

According to Ron, the story is the other way around, it was Harley who was being violent towards him.

The father of one claims that during their visit to the place they were bringing in the new year, Jen became angry with him and threw an ashtray at his face. He filed a police report and reportedly submitted multiple pictures to the police department.

Magro says that he genuinely wants Jen to get help; not just for herself but also for the child they share.

It seems that these two will never be able to be in a healthy relationship but hopefully, they find a peaceful way to co-parent.


Who's story do you believe? What do you think they should do in this situation?


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