Ronda Rousey To End Up In The WWE?

Ronda Rousey To End Up In The WWE?

It appears that Ronda’s next career move might not be set in stone after all. If you recall we were talking about her next career move last month and concluded that she was taking the Hollywood route based on her comments, as well as Dana White’s, after her guest role on NBC’s ‘BLINDSPOT’. Well, the WWE isn’t giving up on her that easily.

The door is still wide open for Ronda over at the WWE according to WWE Executive Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie McMahon, the only daughter of Vince McMahon, appeared on an ESPN podcast show ‘His and Hers’ and clearly stated that Ronda still has a place waiting for her if and when she’s ready to come over.

Stephanie said that she would love to add Ronda to the WWE roster. She stated that there’s mutual love between Ronda and the WWE, so it would be a match made in heaven. She added that she’s hopeful for that opportunity one day.

Stephanie’s comments comes a few days after popular WWE personality Paul Heyman suggested that Rousey could still pull her weight in the WWE despite her recent run in the UFC.

In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, Ronda went from undefeated in the UFC to losing back-to-back fights against Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes. I must add that they were very bad losses.

Although we knew that the WWE option was always a thing available to Ronda, we didn’t think that the WWE would put on a full-fledged marketing campaign and when two of the most prominent figures in WWE history talk about her just days apart, you know they want Ronda.

We know Ronda Rousey is currently happy being in Hollywood, but you never know when the WWE comes calling. Just ask Brock Lesnar.


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