Ronda Rousey Just Got Engaged To Boyfriend Travis Browne!

Ronda Rousey Just Got Engaged To Boyfriend Travis Browne!

UFC Superstar Ronda Rousey is officially engaged to her boyfriend and fellow UFC fighter Travis Browne!

The mixed martial artist, who is 30-years-old, was seen out with her new diamond ring while strolling through the streets of Los Angeles, California.

The UFC couple told TMZ, the proposal happened last week during a far away vacation.

Travis, 34-years-old, said, "we were under a waterfall in New Zealand it felt like the right place to do it."

Rousey broke into a big smile and said, "we're getting married!"

The pair has been a couple since 2015 and has managed to keep their relationship out of the media apart from some mean comments from Browne's ex-wife who also accused Travis of domestic abuse.

Rousey admitted she is not familiar with weddings saying, "I don't know what goes into planning a wedding. It could be really easy. I don't need a lot, just some decorations, and some flowers, somewhere to go, somewhere to eat, and people around!"

Dana White previously commented he thinks Rousey is done with the sport, and with the wedding to plan, Ronda is becoming comfortable and living a relaxed lifestyle outside of the ring.

Allegedly, she's getting ready to make a switch to a career in Hollywood. Judging by the way she seems to be so happy with Browne, Dana is probably right!

Ronda's comeback attempt didn't go exactly the way she had planned. The fight with Amanda Nunes back at the end of 2016 ended with a defeat in 48 seconds!


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