Rome Flynn Talks About The BLM Movement - Says There Needs To Be More ‘Unity’ Between Police And Protesters!

Rome Flynn Talks About The BLM Movement - Says There Needs To Be More ‘Unity’ Between Police And Protesters!
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The How to Get Away with Murder actor stressed just how important unity between the police and the Black Lives Matter movement protesters really is! Rome Flynn discussed his personal experience being at some of the demonstrations during a new interview for HollywoodLife and he shared his opinion on how things should actually go.

Actor Rome Flynn is just one of the many celebrities who have been using their voices to spread awareness and also fully support the BLM movement.

As fans know, Flynn is also a singer who just dropped his newest song titled Keep Me In Mind back in April.

But aside from his many talents, he is also someone with a platform so not participating in the fight against systemic racism and police brutality was not an option!

Rome joined protesters on the streets of Los Angeles first and so he was able to witness first hand the situation, concluding that the most important thing is that there needs to be more unity between the citizens marching and the police.

He told the news outlet that ‘When I was out there, I recognized there were a lot of officers scared and a lot of them not equipped and detached from reality to understand what was actually happening. And there should not be a divide between what the police and what the protesters want. There should be unity and there is not.’

He went on to explain that ‘I’m Cuban and Black, but I am perceived by anyone with prejudices as a Black man and our record with the police has always been tumultuous. It’s never been a happy experience even when I am on both sides of the situation. So being there and seeing how the cops were interacting with protesters, and also in major cities across America, there's a glaring lack of leadership, identity, and sensitivity.’

The star mentioned that the country needs police officers willing to do what their job description states, which is serve and protect!

For this, he argued, they need the training they currently lack.

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