Roman Polanski Says The Media Is Doing Their Best To Make Him Into A 'Monster'

Roman Polanski Says The Media Is Doing Their Best To Make Him Into A 'Monster'
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During a new conversation with the outlet, Paris Match, Roman Polanski revealed his thoughts on the recent press surrounding his batch of sexual misconduct allegations, one for which he was convicted and another that was recently revealed.

Obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Roman sat down with Paris Match and stated the media has been trying to make him into a "monster." Published today, Wednesday, December 11th, Roman found himself in the headlines once again regarding an incident involving a teenage actress in the late 1970s in Switzerland.

To make matters worse, Polanski already left the United States in 1978 after he was charged and convicted for the statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl. Ironically, Roman alleges Weinstein once accused him of being a "child rapist" to stop him from winning the 2003 Oscar for The Pianist.

As it was previously reported, Polanski was accused earlier this year of rape by the French photographer, Valentine Monnier, allegations which he described as "absurd." Polanski has been marred by allegations for years related to the aforementioned statutory rape charges as well.

Valentine accused Roman of raping her when she was 18-years-old at his Swiss chalet. Coincidentally, the accusations were published by the Parisien just as he was about to start the press promotions for his movie, An Officer and a Gentleman.

During a chat with Paris Match, Polanski also stated he didn't have any memory of ever hitting Valentine, because he didn't do it, and the story was simply untrue. "I do not hit women," Mr. Polanski stated.

Moreover, Roman claims the allegations hit the press for the second time during the early 2000s when The Pianist was up for an Oscar, and Harvey Weinstein began resurrecting the 1978 statutory rape story to thwart his Oscar win.

Roman said Mr. Weinstein started rumors about him for the sake of promoting his own movie, Chicago, which went on to win big at the Academy Awards, including for best picture, and five others. Polanski claims Harvey and Samantha Geimer dug up the old case, "which at the time, no one was interested in."

Roman added that for years, the media has been doing everything in their power to make him into a "monster."

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