Rolling Stones Performs In Miami One Day Before Original Show Due To Hurricane Dorian

Rolling Stones Performs In Miami One Day Before Original Show Due To Hurricane Dorian
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According to a report from, The Rolling Stones hit the stage at the Miami Gardens on Friday night, approximately one day earlier than they had originally planned. The band moved the pre-scheduled concert from Saturday to Friday at the Hard Rock Stadium because of the Hurricane Dorian warnings.

Tracking models have shown that the Hurricane could hit the eastern coast of the USA as a Category 4 storm. Reportedly, Miami, Florida, is the final show for the North American portion of the Rolling Stones' latest tour this year, "No Filter."

On Saturday morning, the British rock band took to their Twitter to thank fans for coming out on Friday night in the face of the news that Hurricane Dorian was on its way. They wrote, "stay safe everyone, and huge thank you to each and every one of you who have joined us on this tour."

Hurricane Dorian has effected other celebrities in other ways, including Sofia Vergara, who posted multiple photos of herself and friends hanging out on the beach before the storm worsens. The actress faced somewhat of a backlash from people who accused her of being insensitive.

Whether the jokes were justified or not, even the Rolling Stones chose to change their concert date on account of the storm. Regardless, The Rolling Stones managed played many of their big songs at the rescheduled show, including "Paint it Black," "Satisfaction," "Sympathy For The Devil," as well as "Can't Always Get What You Want."

This comes after the band had postponed part of their tour for an emergency health crisis. Todd Malm from Celebrity Insider reported back in April of this year that the Stones had to postpone their schedule because of emergency heart surgery for the frontman of the band, Mick Jagger.

The iconic singer/songwriter posted to his Twitter account that he was doing great following the surgery, and thanked all of the medical professionals involved.

Mick received an operation for a heart valve replacement, and he took to his Twitter to express gratitude for all the nice words spoken by his fans. A representative speaking on the singer's behalf spoke on his health situation, claiming that Jagger was doing well and the doctors expected him to be back to his normal self in no time.

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