Roger Mathews Says He Wants To Make His Way On To "Jersey Shore" To Tell His Version Of The Story

Roger Mathews Says He Wants To Make His Way On To "Jersey Shore" To Tell His Version Of The Story
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According to Us Weekly, Roger Mathews would like to make his way on to the set of Jersey Shore to tell his side of the story. Reported by Us, sources close to J-Woww's estranged husband, claims he would like to come on to reality television to show he's not some kind of monster.

Sources who spoke with the outlet claimed he has been "calling them for the last week." In fact, he wants to be on the show so badly that he's willing to go without payment. It's about delivering his version of a narrative that appears to be increasingly pro-Jenni.

Mathews believes he has the more accurate version of the story. As it was previously reported, the 43-year-old and his girlfriend, 32-years-old, made tabloid headlines near the beginning of the month and she was even granted a restraining order against him.

As most know, they have two children, a four-year-old and a two-year-old named Meilani and Greyon. They split up back in September, however.

In a call publicized on the 19th of December, Wednesday, Mathews accused his wife of not having the capacity to control her own emotions. "This is her MO, and I'm just ensuring that she cannot do that," following his comment that his wife would call the police after he left and make up some crazy story.

Obtained by Radar Online, the police reports from Wednesday claimed Farley accused Mathews of harassing her. The reality star allegedly believes her husband had intentions of posting explicit photos of her on the internet.

Thus far it isn't looking good for Mr. Mathews who, has in recent weeks, released several videos on his Instagram account. An insider who spoke with Us Weekly accused Mathews of being on a "smear campaign" at the moment, adding that he was doing whatever he could to "air his dirty laundry" to anybody who would listen.

Supposedly, producers are trying to decide whether they want him on the series or not. However, it's apparently up to Jenni to make that choice, and not Roger's.

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