Roger Mathews Desperately Doing Anything He Can To Win JWoww Back But She's Done For Good!

Roger Mathews Desperately Doing Anything He Can To Win JWoww Back But She's Done For Good!
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Rumor has it that Roger Mathews is not giving up on his relationship with JWoww! Apparently, the man has tried everything he could think of to win her back, but sadly for him, it doesn’t seem to be working!

At least that is what an insider has told HollywoodLife!

While Roger and JWoww may have attended the Trolls the Experience exhibit together a few days ago, that doesn’t mean they are back together.

The source close to the woman tells the outlet that regardless of how much Roger has been trying to win her back, from JWoww’s point of view, their marriage is truly over.

Still, the man does not agree they are done for good, so he is desperate for a reconciliation.

As a result, the source dished that he’s been ‘pulling all the stops‘ including ‘sending her flowers, texting her sweet love messages and begging for another chance.’

But his actions have had no results as the insider explains she thinks it’s a little too late.

As far as JWoww is concerned, Roger ‘should have made an effort while they were still together, but instead, he took her for granted, and she feels he didn’t treat her well at all.’

That being said, it was not easy for her to file for a divorce but now that she did it, Jen feels relieved and excited for a new clean slate.

All she wants right now when it comes to the ex, is to keep things civil for the sake of their kids.

However, if they were not in the picture, she would be totally Okay with never seeing or speaking to Roger ever again. Yikes!

The situation doesn’t seem too hopeful for the man who desperately wants his wife back!

All that Jen wants is to start a new chapter in her life as this one is closed as far as she’s concerned.

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