Roger Mathews Defends JWoww And Asks People To Stop With The 'Negative Comments!'

Roger Mathews Defends JWoww And Asks People To Stop With The 'Negative Comments!'
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It seems like Roger Mathews is sick and tired of all of the ‘negative comments’ directed at JWoww and his family on social media. He made this very clear himself by sharing a Memorial Day post in which he wrote about his thoughts on more than just the holiday.

While Jenni’s spending some quality time with her new boyfriend in Las Vegas, Roger posted a pic of him cuddling with their two kids after a fun day at the pool.

In the caption, the man wrote: ‘Happy Memorial Day everybody. There seems to be an overflow of negative comments toward me and Jenni on many of my posts still. I am a big boy and proud supporter of free speech, I can take it. Jenni also has tough skin and she can take it however the comments as to whom the better parent is, or who may spend more time with our children are unnecessary.’

He went on to say that: ‘I accept my responsibility in the divide that I caused in the eyes of the public but I will always post about my kids and if we [he and Jenni] can move past the negativity certainly it would not be too much to ask for everybody else too. We love our children emphatically and we always will. It takes much more energy and effort to be negative than to be positive. Enjoy this beautiful day.’

But that was not the end of the negativity.

One social media user argued that the father spends far more time with the young ones than their mom!

Roger was quick to defend his former wife, saying that people actually know nothing about their reality and only judge by a few posts online.

Are you surprised Roger came to his ex’s defense or not?

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