Roger Mathews Convinced JWoww Will Take Him Back Now More Than Ever - Here's Why!

Roger Mathews Convinced JWoww Will Take Him Back Now More Than Ever - Here's Why!

According to brand new reports, following their Thanksgiving day together, now more than ever, Roger Mathews is determined to win JWoww back! Despite the fact that the woman reportedly has no intention of taking him back, he wants nothing more than to save their marriage.

One source tells HollywoodLife that after inviting him for dinner on Turkey day, Roger became certain he can convince his estranged wife, JWoww, to call off their divorce.

As fans know, the woman was the one to file the papers back in September but now, Roger thinks her dinner invitation on Thanksgiving is a sign she is ready to reunite.

Roger’s pal says that ‘he was really grateful Jenni included him during Thanksgiving. He tried his very best to be the perfect father and partner for that day and came away from the holiday more convinced than he's ever been that they can save their marriage. The fact that Jenni's still including Roger in holidays and wants to do these things as a family means so much to him.’

‘He is taking every chance that he can to show Jenni he is ready to step up and be the husband that she deserves and wants.’

That being said, Roger has some big plans for the upcoming winter holidays and can’t wait for Christmas to be here so that he can spoil JWoww and the kids.

The man wants to prove to her that she’s the only one for him and that he’d do anything for his family.

But the truth is, the chances she’ll give their marriage another chance are slim to none no matter what he does.

After all, the only reason why she invited him for Thanksgiving dinner was that she wants him to be in the kids’ life.

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