Roddy Ricch's Girlfriend Allie Deletes Instagram Account After Giving Birth To Their Baby Boy

Roddy Ricch's Girlfriend Allie Deletes Instagram Account After Giving Birth To Their Baby Boy
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A new report from Hot New Hip Hop revealed today that the 21-year-old rapper, Roddy Ricch, had his first child with girlfriend, Allie Minati. They had a baby boy. On her Instagram, Allie was the first to announce the happy news after she revealed a picture of her boyfriend holding their first-born child.

The social media post has since been excitedly shared all over the internet on account of the surprising nature of the news. Fans weren't aware the rapper had an expecting girlfriend. Unfortunately, Allie had to delete the post as well as her Instagram due to some of Roddy's female fans.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, young girls on the social media platform were feeling a little upset with themselves because Roddy apparently chose her over them. Despite the fact the photo has since been removed, other accounts of picked it up and continued to share it online.

Additionally, other social media accounts have been sharing pictures of Allie walking out of a store while looking very pregnant. As it was noted above, the news of the baby's arrival has taken many of the rapper's fans by surprise.

Most people weren't even aware that Roddy had a girlfriend, yet a pregnant one. For the most part, it's clear Roddy has been keeping the romance away from the public eye. Neither party has posted images or videos confirming their relationship online.

Fans of Ricch know that this past year was a good one for him. Not only did he have a baby, but his album went to number one on the Billboard charts . Please Excuse Me For Being Anti-Social went to number one on the charts following the virality of the lead single, "The Box," that was widely shared on TikTok.

The album's popularity, additionally, was increased through Spotify's playlist, Rap Caviar, which has featured several of the rapper's songs over the last few months since its release in December of last year. Before Please Excuse Me For Being Anti-Social, Roddy released a series of mix-tapes as well.

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