Robyn Crawford Reveals Up Close And Personal Details Regarding Whitney Houston's Marriage To Bobby Brown

Robyn Crawford Reveals Up Close And Personal Details Regarding Whitney Houston's Marriage To Bobby Brown
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According to a report from, an episode of Red Table Talk featuring Robyn Crawford, the former lover of Whitney Houston, premiered on the 19th of November, Tuesday, and during her chat with the host of the series, Robyn made startling revelations regarding Whitney's marriage to Bobby Brown.

As fans of Whitney know, her romance with Bobby Brown was supposedly out of the ordinary. In the midst of promoting her new memoir, A Song For You , Crawford claimed that she and Brown never got along that well, especially after the couple got married.

While they never got into a physical confrontation, Robyn explained, they did get in each other's faces on a number of occasions. Crawford suspected there may have been some abuse between Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston because things between them were quite toxic.

For instance, Crawford claims after Whitney and Bobby went on their honeymoon, she came back home with a big gash on her face, and she told Crawford she accidentally cut her face. Crawford stated she never bought that excuse.

Crawford, on the show, stated that whenever she hung around Whitney, she always assumed things would one day get so bad that Whitney would leave, however, she never did. Crawford explained that Whitney had a "lot of pride and a strong will," however, she never left him.

At this point in her career, Crawford was the singer's creative director and personal assistant, and she chose to resign from her position. Jada asked her if she thought that walking away from Whitney would change her mind on some front, and Crawford stated she never left Whitney in such a manner.

Crawford added that she wanted Whitney to stop and take a look around and really analyze the situation. "She wasn't paying attention," Crawford remarked, adding that the circumstances in which Whitney found herself were completely out of control.

Whitney Houston died on the 12th of February, 2012. According to the artist's Wikipedia page, to those around her at this point in time of her life, Whitney appeared "erratic," and "disheveled." The LA Coroner reported that Whitney died by drowning.


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