Robyn Crawford Confirms Long-Held Rumor That She And Whitney Houston Had A Romantic Relationship

Robyn Crawford Confirms Long-Held Rumor That She And Whitney Houston Had A Romantic Relationship
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According to a report from, in a new book written by Robyn Crawford, the longtime childhood friend of Whitney Houston essentially confirmed existing rumors that they were in a relationship for years.

Following Houston's death in 2012, Crawford wrote a touching tribute to Whitney, however, this marks the first time she's spoken publicly about her romance with her. In a part from her book, A Song For You: My Life With Whitney Houston, published by the outlet, People, she wrote, "we wanted to be together, and that meant just us."

According to Crawford's memoir, she and Houston met first as teenagers while working at a summer camp in East Orange, New Jersey. However, Houston let her know the physical aspect of their romance was over in 1982. She did this by giving her a copy of the Bible.

Houston stated that they couldn't be physical anymore with each other because it would make their lives more difficult, and in the 1980s, Crawford felt the same way. With that said, Crawford explained neither she nor Whitney ever used a label to define their sexualities.

They just lived their lives and hoped it "could go on that way forever." Crawford elucidated on the fact that she never felt any ill will toward Whitney for ending their romance because, at that point in their lives, it just seemed like something that had to be done for the best of both of them.

Crawford wrote in her book that she wanted to offer Whitney the respect she deserved, including her story before she was famous, in addition to really embracing their friendship. As it was previously reported, Whitney died in 2012 from accidental drowning.

Reports at the time claimed there were traces of both prescription medications as well as cocaine in her system. Moreover, other reports showed there was marijuana in her system as well as going back two weeks.

Bruce Goldberger, the forensic toxicologist, stated that her blood showed she was very intoxicated from cocaine use and was also a habitual cocaine user.


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