Robin Thicke And April Love Geary's House Burns Down In California Wildfire

Robin Thicke And April Love Geary's House Burns Down In California Wildfire

Robin Thicke and April Love Geary's home has officially been lost to the California wildfire, after their house in Malibu was set ablaze. The 23-year-old model, who is expecting her second baby with Thicke, 41, posted a photo of smoke on the 9th of November, Friday.

April Love explained that their home "was somewhere in there," and claimed she was grateful that she and her boyfriend were able to get out in time.

On Instagram later, the model said she lost all of her possessions in the house as well as the house itself. On Friday, Thicke documented the entire ordeal on his Instagram account.

Robin purchased the home for $2.4 million in 2015 and it has four bedrooms, a view of the ocean, and a four-horse corral. TMZ reports that the extravagant home has an amazing view, but the pair likely has fire insurance.

As most know, Thicke and the mother of his child were just 2 of many celebrities who were forced to leave the Malibu area due to California wildfires.

TMZ claims that Caitlyn Jenner also lost her home. On the 9th of November, Caitlyn and Sophia Hutchins shared on Instagram that they were "safe," and at a "safe house," but were unsure if the house will continue to stand as it was.

As most know, this is just one of several vivacious wildfires this year. Climate scientists have argued for decades that as the earth heats up, more extreme weather and climate will become the norm. Others have used this opportunity to express the importance of green initiatives and public policy.

One person wrote on Twitter, "for someone who doesn't believe in climate change like Donald Trump, hopefully, he can start to see that there are real and very severe side effects of our industries as well as the products we use every day."

Another Twitter user explained that climate change is one of the reasons why Trump and his administration should not revive the coal industry in the United States, which the president has expressed as a great idea. The president later took heat for suggesting that forest mismanagement was the cause for the destruction.

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