Robin Givens Gives Spoilers About Stephanie Lancaster On Her Latest Addicting Show Ambitions

Robin Givens Gives Spoilers About Stephanie Lancaster On Her Latest Addicting Show Ambitions
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Robin Givens has talent that has spanned for decades now. The actress appears on two different shows that are currently airing on different networks one day after another.

On Tuesday nights, she plays the very cunning Stephanie Lancaster on Own's Ambitions that's produced by Girls Trip creator Will Packer.

If you're already a fan of the program, you would know that Lancaster's husband is cheating on her with her stylist. Givens spoke to Hollywood Life where she reminded viewers that Stephanie knows of her husband's unfaithfulness but doesn't suspect that it's someone close to her.

'She says, ‘You’ve been spending long nights. Everybody’s noticing.’ But I think making the connection… Really, I think she thinks [she and Bella are] sort of friends and I don’t think that Stephanie has a lot of them. She genuinely thought Bella was a friend and that friends wouldn’t do that. Now, if you think about it, she’s already had a friend take a man from her. So Bella must be crazy.'

Judging by her sly words. it's safe to say that her character will find out and 'lose control.'


'So everyone is wondering how she’s going to react [when she finds out]. We definitely get to see finally how she reacts. And we get to see things kind of unravel a little bit for Stephanie because we’ve watched her set up everything, bringing Amara’s ex in, and then she loses control.'

Robin also plays Sierra McCoy on the cult fan-favorite Riverdale. She's the mother of Josie from Josie and the Pussycats.

Riverdale airs Wednesday nights on The CW.

Speaking of the Josie character, she has left Riverdale to star in the spin-off called Katy Keene that's expected to premiere next year. Givens shared a photo to her Instagram that teased that 'Mama's on her way' hinting that she will also be appearing on Keene!

Will you be tuning into Ambitions?

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