Robert Redford Reportedly Struggled Following The Death Of His Son

Robert Redford Reportedly Struggled Following The Death Of His Son
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Robert Redford lost his son James earlier this year, a report from Page Six announced this week. The outlet picked up on comments from Redford's representative, Cindi Berger, in which she claimed the grief experienced by the family currently "is immeasurable."

Cindi went on to write in the statement that Jamie was a "loving son, husband, and father," and his legacy would live on through his family and artistic endeavors, including filmmaking, art, and his passion for environmentalism and conservation.

The statement went on to say that the 84-year-old legendary actor Robert Redford, is spending time with his family and wants privacy. In case you missed it, James, who made documentaries, died this past Friday while he was awaiting a liver transplant.

His wife, Kyle Redford, confirmed he had passed away in a Twitter post. You can see what she had to say about it below:

Fans of the Redford family know they have been active in charities and other non-profits, including the Redford Center, which is devoted to accelerating solutions for environmental and climate justice. James was born to Redford and his ex-wife, Lola Van Wagenen.

The former Hollywood duo had four children together during their romance, including Shauna and Amy, James, and Scott - who passed away from sudden infant death syndrome back in 1959.

The death of his son is unfortunate news for Mr. Redford, who has had an illustrious career in the arts for many years. In fact, not many know that The Sundance Film Festival was actually created by Redford , and the organization has been at the forefront of cutting edge films ever since.

In recent news, an executive stated there wasn't enough "diversity" among the film critics and the top bosses of the organization said it was time for them to hire other film critics who weren't just white men who often analyze movies with the same perspective.


Additionally, Redford was in the headlines when he touched on his retirement following The Old Man And The Gun . Robert claimed it was simply time for him to move on from acting because he has had enough of it. The actor claimed he wanted to end it on a high point rather than drag it on forever.

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