Robert Pattinson 'Was Crazy About' Kristen Stewart And Thought He'd End Up Marrying Her, Source Says

Robert Pattinson 'Was Crazy About' Kristen Stewart And Thought He'd End Up Marrying Her, Source Says
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Previously, Kristen Stewart admitted that she thought she was going to end up marrying Robert Pattinson at the time they were dating and now, it turns out that the man had the same plans as far as she was concerned! Apparently, Rob was head over heels with his Twilight co-star so in his mind, making her his wife was unavoidable.

A couple of days ago, while chatting with Howard Stern, Kristen told the host that Pattinson was her first love and that she considered marrying him if he had proposed.

Similarly, one source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Rob totally thought he was going to marry Kristen. When they moved in together the plan was to try that out for a year or two and then get engaged. Of course [Kristen being caught cheating] happened and that plan fell apart. But for a time he really did believe they were going to end up married, he was crazy about her.’

You may remember that back in 2012, the actress was caught kissing her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders and that marked the end of her romance with Robert Pattinson.

They did get back together briefly, however, only to break up for good in 2013.

The insider went on to say that ‘He was deeply in love with Kristen. People talk about first loves and high school sweethearts always being something special, well you can count the relationship between Rob and Kristen to be just that. It was one of the most important relationships they will ever have in their life. Marriage was on the table, and they wanted to go through this crazy career together. They were inseparable, but it just became way too much.’

Do you wish these two would have made it work or are they better off separated?


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