Robert Pattinson Says That It's Peculiar That Actors Do Method Acting Whenever The Character Is Incorrigible

Robert Pattinson Says That It's Peculiar That Actors Do Method Acting Whenever The Character Is Incorrigible
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Earlier this week, the Twilight alum, Robert Pattinson, discussed in an interview the idea of Jennifer Lopez starring as Batman, a proposition that Jennifer half-jokingly thought was a great idea. However, an additional point uttered by the actor may have caught the attention of some of Hollywood's more serious individuals.

Reportedly, during his chat with J-Lo for Variety's Actors On Actor , the star stated it was more common to see performers using method acting whenever they were playing an "a**hole."

Robert joked that one never sees an actor choose method acting and be nice to other people; it always has to be the type of character who terrorizes other people on set. As most know, there have been many individuals who received criticism in the past for their preparation for particular roles.

For instance, Shia LaBeouf once laid the responsibility for his behavior on method acting. Additionally, some people on YouTube have pointed out that Jim Carrey's behavior during the preparation for Man On The Moon was out of line as well.

This style of preparation for characters has sparked the ire of some people in the entertainment industry, but oftentimes, the actors who allegedly terrorize people on set are usually established and have a lot of clout in the industry.

During an appearence on Conan O'Brien's television show, Timothy Olyphant famously said that being an actor wasn't as hard as a lot of entertainers like to say it is.

When asked what his thoughts were on the documentary, Jim and Andy, Timothy Olyphant joked that it was "pretentious," and he was hoping that Danny DeVito would punch Jim in the face during the entire documentary.

Regardless of how an actor prepares for their roles, fans are gleefully anticipating Robert Pattinson's portrayal of Batman. Before Robert, there was Ben Affleck, who starred in the Justice League films among others.

However, the star to garner the most critical acclaim was Christian Bale, although, some criticized the voice he used in the film. Pattinson has come a long way since his days in Twilight, as the actor has received acclaim for a number of other performances including Good Time and High Life.

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