Robert Pattinson Reacts To The News That His Ex, FKA Twigs Is Dating Shia LaBeouf

Robert Pattinson Reacts To The News That His Ex, FKA Twigs Is Dating Shia LaBeouf
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Yesterday, on September 25, new pics had surfaced showing Robert Pattinson's ex-fiancee, FKA Twiggs out and about with actor Shia LeBeouf. These two are now being romantically linked after a year passed since the singer broke up with Rob.

More than this, a source even told The Daily Mail that these two are definitely dating.

So, is Robert jealous? It seems that a source close to him knows more and discussed the subject with the famous online magazine Hollywood Life.

Rob doesn't seem to have a problem with FKA moving on.

The insider told the magazine that 'It’s not in Rob’s nature to get jealous. If FKA is with anyone, he only hopes that she is happy. Whether it is Shia or anyone else he is OK with it because, in life and relationships, you have to move on.'

The same insider continued and explained that 'What Rob had with FKA was special, they had genuine fun. But to be upset for someone else having a good time would be foolish. Now if FKA were in any trouble, that would be a completely different story, but he is only interested in her well-being.'

Rob moved on from his past relationship, and for the moment, he is single and enjoying single life, according to the reports coming from the same online magazine. Well, it's great that there's no drama between these two.


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  • Kiki
    Kiki Sep 26, 2018 9:16 AM PDT

    Why would Pattinson be upset? HE broke up with her a year ago. She didn't break up with him. He hasn't even seen her in a year and a half. Rob was not engaged to Twigs except for the tabloids lying about it. That's why on Howard Stern he said he was "kind of" engaged, because that's what the tabloids were saying, but the truth was that he was not engaged to her.

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