Robert Pattinson Finally Moved On From Twilight

Robert Pattinson Finally Moved On From Twilight
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Let's be honest; we all know that Robert Pattinson became famous when he landed the lead role as Edward Cullen in the movie adaptation of Stephanie Meyer's novel The Twilight Saga with his ex-girlfriend and co-star Kristen Stewart. She played Bella Swan, a regular girl who fell in love with a vampire.

Both of them earned an overwhelming fanbase worldwide which hurled their career into the spotlight.

For Rob, this was indeed a great foundation towards his success in the world of entertainment.

Twilight managed to catapult his career into a great success that made his an international sensation. But, on the other hand, he had quite a hard time getting out of it.

Rob had to ride in a trunk of a car just to avoid the media. The famous film series even affected his relationship with his ex-fiancee FKA Twigs.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart fans are still all over them.

Some fans still dub him as Edward despite the fact that he has had multiple films after the popular Twilight series.

Fortunately, his latest movie called Good Time has pulled him up from Twilight.

The Sun‘s film critic Jamie East said that Robert Pattinson looks hugely different in Good Time and his character, Constantine Connie Nikas.

He is now too far from Edward Cullen. The movie follows the story of Connie and his mentally challenged brother Nick (Ben Safdie) when their bank robbery in New York went wrong.
His brother was taken into custody, and he managed to escape and tried to get Nick out of jail.

In the movie, Robert is a desperate robber who tries to save his mentally ill brother and get him out of the law enforcement’s custody.

The Economist also praised his performance and stated that the movie had established him as a capable character actor. Robert no longer hangs around his trademark character in The Twilight Saga.


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