Robert Pattinson Dishes On The Pay Gap Between Men And Women In Hollywood

Robert Pattinson Dishes On The Pay Gap Between Men And Women In Hollywood
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In a new interview, Robert Pattinson, the actor who first came to prominence as the star of the Twilight series, came out in support of the women who seek equal pay in the entertainment industry.

When speaking with The Sunday Times, the actor suggested he would go without pay if it meant getting a better actress in a movie. "I'll do it for f*cking free," Pattinson remarked.

The actor was referencing the supposed pay gap where women are paid less than their male counterparts as a consequence of institutionalized sexism.

Critics have argued that such a "pay gap" doesn't exist, women and their agents just refuse to fight for a much better contract. As it was previously reported, the most notorious, but flawed example, was the case of Michelle Willams, who did her role in the All The Money In The World scandal, for free, despite Mark Wahlberg asking for money.

The cast and crew of All The Money In The World had to reshoot many scenes at the last minute because of the #MeToo case against Kevin Spacey, who had a leading role in the movie. Kevin was edited out of it at the last minute, requiring the actors to do many scenes again. He was replaced by Christopher Plummer.

Michelle Williams offered to do the part for free, but when she found out that Mark Wahlberg asked for $1.5 million, she complained to the media and suggested it was an instance of institutionalized sexism. Putting the faux-scandal aside, Pattinson explained in the same interview why he chooses not to talk about his romantic life.

At the moment, he's in a relationship with Suki Waterhouse. Pattinson said that when people ask him about it on the street, individuals he doesn't even know, it's rude. The actor said putting "a wall" around it and not letting people get in was a much better course of action.

These days, Robert Pattinson has managed to shed his Twilight -skin and move on to more serious roles and thus critical acclaim. For instance, his role in the 2017 film Good Times, saw the actor on the receiving end of critical praise.

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