Robert De Niro’s Production Company Sues Ex-Employee For Binge-Watching Friends At Work

Robert De Niro’s Production Company Sues Ex-Employee For Binge-Watching Friends At Work
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Robert DeNiro's production company has sued an ex-employee who allegedly binge-watched TV shows while at work.

Canal Productions has filed a $6 million lawsuit against one former employee for binge-watching Netflix show such as Friends on the job. There is also the claim the person allegedly embezzled money too.

According to People , a female employee named Chase Robinson was hired as DeNiro's assistant back in 2009. A couple of years later Robinson was promoted to Vice President of Production & Finance. The purpose of the new position was to ironically to ensure that no employee of Canal Productions was using the company for personal gain.

Now Robinson is being accused of doing precisely what she was hired to keep other employees from doing. The lawsuit alleges she used the company's fund and other assets for her personal use.

The court documents obtained by the weekly magazine are hurling some serious allegations at Robinson. One accusation is she ran up huge gratuities on her company American Express card that was not for company purposes. Another charge is Robinson used millions of DeNiro's frequent flyer miles so she could travel without paying out of her own pocket.

There are several other claims, too that involve fraud. Robinson reportedly also received compensation for almost 100 days of unused vacation. She expensed Ubers, taxi-cabs, birthday presents, dinners out and more on the company. Documents claim the expense were discovered to be personal, not professional.

Along with all the financial allegations the DeNiro's company is saying Robinson loafed for days on end on the job. She spent a ridiculous amount of time watching Netflix. Her TV choices included binging 55 episodes of Friends in four days, as well as 20 episodes of Arrested Development and 10 episodes of Schitt's Creek over another four days.

Chase Robinson is a former employee of Robert DeNiro's production company Canal. She was reportedly making $300,000 when she abruptly resigned last April. Robinson dismissed any accusations by the company in her resignation email.

The court documents state DeNiro's company is looking for at least $3 million for "disloyalty and violation of the faithless servant doctrine," and no less than $3 million for "funds and property misappropriated by Defendant during her employment."

Neither a rep for Robinson nor DeNiro have commented on the lawsuit. There are also no details on why she was kept around for almost ten years if Robinson was performing such crazy actions.

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