Robby Hayes Is Not Convinced Bachelor Colton Underwood Is A Virgin

Robby Hayes Is Not Convinced Bachelor Colton Underwood Is A Virgin
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Robby Hayes is a little bit doubtful that Bachelor Colton Underwood is really a virgin like he claims. As fans know, this was Colton’s main appeal when he was chosen to be this season’s Bachelor, but not everyone is convinced he is telling the truth about his sex life or rather, lack thereof.

That being said, it sounds like Hayes is part of those who do believe Underwood may be lying about his virginity.

Since the season finale is right around the corner, most people have been predicting who Colton will propose to, but Robby is not interested in doing that.

Instead, he has a theory!

While on the Bleav in Bachelor Blab podcast with Jackie Maroney, he shared that ‘I personally don't really think he's a virgin. I saw the picture that came out, I am sure you did too,’ Robby argued.

What he was referring to was a Snapchat pic captioned: ‘I f***ed a big tittied h*e last night.’

However, earlier this month, multiple sources told TMZ that the message is fake.

But how does that theory fit in with the show’s format – more precisely the fantasy suites part of it?

Hayes thinks that ‘He's either going to pick one or just not have sex with any of them. I can see him not picking any of them…Production likes keeping people on their toes and I could also see them switching up the whole dynamic fantasy suites, right? So maybe the final three don't get a fantasy suite. They get something different and then the final one gets one night just to make sure before he gets in engaged he is about that sex life.’


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