Robbin Williams' Son Explains How He's Been Telling The Legend Of His Father To His Own Son

Robbin Williams' Son Explains How He's Been Telling The Legend Of His Father To His Own Son
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In a new interview with People Magazine, Robin Williams' son, Zak Williams, shared how he was revealing the legend of his father to his own son with wife, Olivia June.

The 37-year-old actor currently has a 1-year-old son with Olivia, and as the child gets older, they're slowly going to start telling him about Robin and how he tragically passed away. Thus far, they've been putting on old films and cartoons from Robin's career.

For instance, they pointed out to him that the Genie in Aladdin was actually voiced by his grandfather. Moreover, they have photos and animation cells all over the house that their 1-year-old sees regularly.

According to Zak, it's a "mindful" approach to bringing Robin's legacy into their child's life. While the circumstances surrounding Robin's death were quite negative and tragic, Zak and Olivia hope to celebrate the great parts of Williams' life.

This past year, Zak revealed that they named their son McLaurin Clement Williams as a tribute to Robin. Robin's middle name was McLaurin. As fans of the iconic performer know, Robin died at the age of 63-years-old on the 11th of August, 2014.

According to the actor's Wikipedia page, he committed suicide by hanging in his home in California. The autopsy report concluded that he died from asphyxia from hanging. There weren't any drugs or alcohol in his system, other than prescription pharmaceuticals that were at normal and "therapeutic" levels.

For years, Robin struggled with depression and other mental health issues. Moreover, an examination of the Aladdin alum's brain showed that he actually had "diffuse Lewy Body Dementia." Susan Schneider described it as a "terrorist" in his brain.

Regardless of how he died, Robin Williams left behind a massive legacy for not only his career as a stand-up comedian but also as an actor. The film he's perhaps the most famous for was Aladdin , in which he portrayed the Genie, but his filmography didn't stop there.

Will Smith reflected on what it was like to take on the role in the CGI live-action remake of the movie, stating that he wasn't "filling his shoes" but doing something else entirely with the character.

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