Rob Lowe Is Extremely Proud Of Son Chad Lowe As He Celebrates Two Years Of Sobriety

Rob Lowe Is Extremely Proud Of Son Chad Lowe As He Celebrates Two Years Of Sobriety
Credit: Source: John Lowe/Instagram

Rob Lowe is extremely proud of his youngest son, John Lowe, who is celebrating two years of sobriety and sharing the good news on his social media accounts. Rob Lowe had his own struggles with alcoholism and celebrates 30 years sober. The father and 9-1-1: Lone Star lead actor spoke about his pride in his son's accomplishments and sober journey in comments he left on a "then and now" photo that John posted. Along with Rob Lowe and Rob's brother Chad Lowe, many celebrities left comments under the picture that showed John chugging a bottle of alcohol with the caption: Life is short, blow it. Next to the photo, John shared his "Now" picture that stated he had been sober for two years, 24 months, 732 days, and 17,555 hours.

John's uncle Chad Lowe left the following comment under the photo that is causing inpsiration and praise across the nation.

" So proud of you!!! You’re a real inspiration! Love you so much!!"

Rob Lowe left the following sweet message to his son.

"I have never been more proud. Your hard work is an inspiration. Keep Coming Back."

You may see the post that John Lowe shared on his official Instagram account below.

" Then -> Now.

I haven’t been vocal about my sobriety on here just because I felt it was something I wanted to keep personal, but I had a change of heart today. Two years in and I am more grateful than ever to have a community of support and friends who continue to build me up and hold me accountable. Making the decision to change your life is difficult at any age, but as a young person I hope that I can be a small example that it is possible and that things really do get SO MUCH BETTER. It’s an incredibly strange and tense time in our world right now, and my heart goes out to everyone going through something, but today I am especially aware of the addicts who are looking for help and having a hard time finding it. If this is the case and you’re reading this, reach out to someone: a friend, a family member, me... and go online and find a ZOOM AA meeting and JUMP IN!! Love you all. Life doesn’t have to be short and we don’t have to blow it!"


What do you think about John Lowe's tweet? Did you congratulate him on his sobriety?

There is no doubt that Rob Lowe's own sobriety has set an example that his son is following.


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