Rob Kardashian Wants Some Attention From Natti Nash -- Here Is What 'KUWTK' Fans Think He Is Doing Wrong

Rob Kardashian Wants Some Attention From Natti Nash -- Here Is What 'KUWTK' Fans Think He Is Doing Wrong
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Rob Kardashian, the brother of Kim Kardashian, has been relatively quiet about his public image and has generally maintained a low profile.

Rob's family has explained in the past that he is rather shy about his fame and does not like the attention of the camera as much as his sisters do.

Moreover, yet, he has recently made some attempts to be more public, which have ended up backfiring dramatically.


It looks like Rob has something for Natti Nasha, who has been active on social media with some quite provocative pictures.

Also, it did not take long for Rob to comment on one of her recent photos, sharing it with the caption "oh hi" added on top.

Many immediately started mocking Blac Chyna's ex's attempt at flirting, telling him that he should simply back off and forget about it.

Others seemed to encourage him, although that appeared to be done in a somewhat mocking tone.


Still, others expressed disappointment in Rob for acting the way he does, telling him that he has been painting his family in a bad light.

Still, some have been somewhat supportive of Rob's attempts, and have been discussing the implications of him and Natti Nasha going out and even having a long-term relationship.

The simple post by Rob was enough to generate tons of controversy and discussion all over the Web, so it would be interesting to see him taking on a more active presence in social media.

For now, though, he seems to be back to his old style of staying in the shadows and simply observing.


One person said: "Correction***** you mean SHE can do better than that!!! You obviously have no idea who she is. Rob the biggest fool he stoopid af for ruining his relationship with Adrienne Bailon.Too much Latina bro lol."

Another commenter wrote: "Heyyy rob how you are doing. It could be the best thing that could happen to him. Just saying. 👀👀👀"

This follower explained: "OMG hope that @NattiNatasha sees this. Y’all as a couple would be 🔥🔥"

A critic revealed: "Why do all the Kardashians think they can get anything they want? Noo don’t do it; no good comes from dating a Kardashian."

Rob is a very decent father to Dream.

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