Rob Kardashian Reveals That He's Crushing On Alexis Skyy Since She And Chyna Got Into A Scuffle

Rob Kardashian Reveals That He's Crushing On Alexis Skyy Since She And Chyna Got Into A Scuffle
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On Monday, Rob Kardashian, 31, took a chance to shade his ex-fiancée, Blac Chyna, following her scuffle with Alexis Skyy. The reality star insinuated that he was crushing on Alexis, the mother of Fetty Wap's child, following her squabble with Chyna at a private party on the 12th of January.

He posted a picture of the Love and Hip-Hop star and wrote in the caption that Alexis was his "WCW" and that he has been "wanting" her for so long. In the comment section, people made fun of Rob, with one in particular writing that the Kardashian brother was about to get taken advantage of..again.

As it was previously reported, the altercation supposedly went down on the 12th of January, Saturday, after Skyy claimed Chyna had tossed a drink at her from afar. Supposedly, Chyna had invited her to sit down with her at her VIP section, but the mood suddenly changed for an unspecified reason.

Posted by The Shade Room, Skyy chased Chyna through a crowd of guests and even took a swing at her. However, attendees of the party got in between the pair and then Alexis was thrown out of the party. In an Instagram Live video, she said, "I'm like the nicest person in the world."

According to the reality star, Chyna invited her to sit down and hang out with her in her VIP section, and then after a few moments, including having a Red Bull, Chyna suddenly started yelling at her and telling her to get out of her section.

Alexis went on to say that it all went downhill from there. Chyna threw a drink at her, and then it got way worse. And where Rob comes in, is the following Monday, upon hearing that Alexis got into a fight with Chyna through social media.

Rob and Chyna split up back in December 2016, and since then, their relationship has only gotten worse. That's probably the reason why he's so interested in Alexis Skyy all of the sudden.

In recent news, Rob attempted to have his child support payments lowered for Dream, their 2-year-old baby girl. In an Instagram Story afterward, the Lashed Bar owner criticized his choice. Chyna also has a child with the rapper, Tyga. His name is King, and he's 6-years-old.

A source who spoke with Us Weekly in 2018, said that the ex-lovers "are co-parenting a lot better than anyone thought they would."


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