Rob Kardashian Is Gunning For Full Custody Of Dream As Blac Chyna Teases She Is Expecting Twins

Rob Kardashian Is Gunning For Full Custody Of Dream As Blac Chyna Teases She Is Expecting Twins
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Rob Kardashian is turning his life around amid his heated custody battle with Blac Chyna . An inside source claims that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is doing everything in his power to win back his daughter, Dream, even if that means living a healthier life and losing weight.

“He’s convinced she’d be happier and better off under his care, not Chyna’s,” an insider dished. “It burns him up so bad that she’s calling the shots right now…”

Kardashian has dealt with weight and depression problems for years, and the source told Radar Online that his family is giving him all the support he needs to mount a legal case against Chyna.

The only catch is that Kardashian has to remain sober and start eating better. If he does not, then his family will not fund his efforts to win back custody.

Fortunately, the thought of spending more time with his daughter is enough motivation for Kardashian to turn things around. In fact, the insider claims that Kardashian is determined to get his life in order and whip himself back into shape.

Chyna and Kardashian have been locked in a bitter custody war ever since they called it quits.

Kardashian is already paying a significant amount in child support, so it is only natural that he wants more rights when it comes to raising Dream.

But Kardashian will have to rely on his family if he wants to win back custody. The reality star recently claimed that the child support payments have left him broke and forced him to move back in with his mother, Kris Jenner.

Chyna, meanwhile, has been living it up as a single mother. She also dropped a major bombshell on social media about how her family is about to get even larger.

The model recently shared a baby scan on Instagram and teased that she is expecting twins in 2019. The babies are supposedly due next fall, though the post makes it sound like Chyna was only kidding about having more kids.

Rob Kardashian has not commented on the recent rumors surrounding his custody battle.

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  • Debra Wilkerson
    Debra Wilkerson Jan 4, 2019 3:15 AM PST

    I hope him the best! Blac Chyna have babies by different men so she can live off the child support!

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