Rob Kardashian Is Angry After Blac Chyna Photos Surfaced Selling A Skin Bleaching Product

Rob Kardashian Is Angry After Blac Chyna Photos Surfaced Selling A Skin Bleaching Product
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A disappointed Rob Kardashian has apparently reacted to the news that his baby mama, Blac Chyna, has found a new hustle -- she is now selling skin bleaching/whitening skin product.

Rob is upset that his former fiancée is selling such dangerous product that also teaches young girls including their daughter, Dream Kardashian, that their skin tone is not beautiful enough.

A source close to the sock designer explained: “Rob is disappointed Chyna is encouraging women to lighten their skin, and he feels Chyna is sending the wrong message to their daughter. Rob wishes Chyna were a better role model and setting a better example, he wants Dream to grow up being proud of her culture and the color of her skin. He doesn’t think it’s healthy for Dream to be raised in an environment where she might feel self-conscious over the color of her skin tone.”

However, do not expect Chyna to stop selling the product because she is all about making her money and does not care for her critics' reactions.

Additionally, the model is embroiled in a war of words with Rob over child support and therefore his opinion does not matter.

The insider stated: “Chyna has always liked her skin lighter, and ever since she was a lot younger she always used a high factor sun cream because she didn’t want to tan. Chyna is fully aware that some people have an issue with skin lightening, but she couldn’t care less what they think, because as far as she’s concerned, it’s nobody’s business but her own.”

The family friend added: "Chyna argues that white people change their skin color, by tanning, so why can’t she do the same if she wants to? It’s not just personal reasons though, Chyna is a super savvy businesswoman, and she knows there’s a huge market for skin lightening products, so she’s going to give the people what they want, and make a tidy profit at the same time—it’s a win-win situation for her.”

One fan told the mom of two: "So happy for you. I’m just disappointed that people are blowing this whole thing out of proportion when it’s not what they think it is."

This person bashed the reality star: "Let her know we ain’t with it. Canceled. White Chyna ??Black is BEAUTIFUL!!! Don't try to influence this generation otherwise. Not all money is good money. Love your skin!!!"

Another commenter stated: "You want to be white so bad don’t you? And then you want to promote that bs Byeee??????."

Blac Chyna is rarely where people expect her to be.

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