Rob Kardashian Fears That Blac Chyna Will Ruin His Christmas Plans With His Special Little Lady

Rob Kardashian Fears That Blac Chyna Will Ruin His Christmas Plans With His Special Little Lady
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Rob Kardashian is walking on eggshells because he fears his Christmas plans might be ruined due to the countless drama with his baby mama, Blac Chyna.

2018 was a very complicated year for the former couple who had a nasty feud on social media with Rob leaking a few very private and scandalous photos of the curvy model.

Dream Kardashian's parents have also been going at it in the courtroom over child support.

A family friend spoke to Hollywood Life and explained that despite his financial issues, Rob is going to have a great Christmas with his daughter.

According to the tipster, Rob is dreading Blac Chyna's actions.

The pal had the following to say: “Rob loves Christmas because he now sees it through the eyes of Dream and it makes things that much more special. He can’t wait for Dream to experience this Christmas.”

Rob, who is currently living with his mother, Kris Jenner, is hoping that the holidays will go as smooth as Dream's second birthday party that took place earlier this month.

The family friend revealed: “Rob expects no drama over the holidays and plans to make it as wonderful of an experience for everyone. He even feels that way for Blac Chyna when she has her time with Dream. Everything civil, everything fun is the key to this holiday season.”

Another insider shared this positive piece of news saying: “Rob lives for his visits with Dream. Every time he has to say goodbye to her, he gets very down. He’s supposed to get time with her on Christmas and is really looking forward to that. Dream’s the light or Rob’s life, so seeing being able to spend time with her is his only real Christmas wish. He’s scheduled to get time with her on the big day, and he’s very happy about that. Things between him and Blac Chyna are pretty volatile at the moment, but it’s not likely she’ll stand in the way of his visitations — she knows better than that.”

The pal claimed: “Rob is still living at his mom’s house and although it’s not an ideal situation for him, Kris couldn’t be happier to have him close. Rob is grateful that he has his mom to step in and help him, but he’s also pretty frustrated, this is not the life he envisioned for himself.”

Rob is slowly rebuilding his life after the drama.

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