Rob Kardashian and Kylie Are Teaming Up Against Blac Chyna And Here's How

Rob Kardashian and Kylie Are Teaming Up Against Blac Chyna And Here's How

After finishing up their child custody agreement in an undisclosed settlement, Rob and Chyna are going back to court, and for reasons that are much worse than initially thought. In a report from The Blast, Rob is suing his ex-girlfriend for damages due to an extremely violent altercation between the two during December of 2016.

Rob claimed during a fight, Chyna pointed one of his guns at two of his friends while on a FaceTime call and tried to strangle Rob with an iPhone cord.

According to, the reality star documented the entire altercation, and he had injuries all over his neck - which means the reality star has proof.

The event which took place on the popular reality series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, is famously referred to as the "Eggo Waffles Incident."

Kardashian is also accusing his ex-girlfriend of destroying Kylie Jenner's home which they rented for a holiday.

According to the report, Chyna is responsible for over $100,000 of damages including a broken television, breaking a door, destroying walls and drywall as well as cellphones and a 'gingerbread house.'"

Kylie - who used to date Chyna's baby daddy Tyga - is apparently co-signing on the lawsuit due to Chyna "terrorizing" her while she dated Tyga. According to the report, Chyna wouldn't stop saying that her ex-boyfriend had STI's and Kylie would contract them.

While Kardashian is coming after Blac Chyna in a big way including charges for assault, battery, and vandalism, Chyna and her celebrity attorney - Lisa Bloom - took to Twitter with a message for the star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.


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