Rob Gronkowski Is The White Tiger On The Masked Singer? Fans Are Convinced The Former Patriot Is Under The Mask

Rob Gronkowski Is The White Tiger On The Masked Singer? Fans Are Convinced The Former Patriot Is Under The Mask
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After the first two episodes of Season 3 of The Masked Singer aired this week, fans on social media are already convinced that they know the identity of the White Tiger. Only the six contestants in Group A have performed so far in the new three-group format, and while there is still serious debate about the others, fans are sure that the White Tiger is former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

The Season 3 format features three groups of six contestants each, and Group A started things off during the post-Super Bowl premiere. The first six to perform were Kangaroo, White Tiger, Llama, Miss Monster, Robot, and Turtle.

During the first episode, White Tiger performed his version of Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby . And, for his second performance, White Tiger opted for another rap. This time it was Good Vibrations from Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

White Tiger is obviously not a professional singer, but what are the clues that have fans believing it’s the 30-year-old Gronkowski? The biggest seems to be a poster in the clue package that read, “Four score and seven years ago…”

As one fan pointed out, Gronk tore his ACL and MCL in 2013 - which was seven years ago - and that season he only had 600 yards and four touchdowns. Hence, he had four scores seven years ago.

Gronk is also six feet, six inches tall, and it’s obvious that White Tiger is significantly taller than host Nick Cannon, who is about six feet tall. At the end of one of his clue packages, White Tiger asked fans if they were “Ready to meet your next champion?” And, Cannon also mentioned during the premiere that the contestants in Group A had a total of nine Super Bowl appearances. Of course, Gronk won three Super Bowls and played in five total before retiring.

“If this isn’t Gronk, I will eat a football,” wrote a fan.

The Masked Singer panelists - Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger - have been all over the place with their guesses. They include John Cena, Jason Momoa, Tyler Perry, Hulk Hogan, Charles Haley, and Michael Strahan.

However, guest judge Jamie Foxx said in the premiere that he thought it could be Gronkowski. And, during the second episode, Thicke brought up that guess again.

“It’s the most powerful I’ve ever felt,” the White Tiger said about performing with a mask. “Like I could conquer anything. I never want to take it off.”

“Gronks voice is a dead giveaway when he performs,” noted a fan.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesday nights on Fox.


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