Rob Cohen The Fast And Furious Director Accused Of Drugging And Assaulting Unconscious Woman

Rob Cohen The Fast And Furious Director Accused Of Drugging And Assaulting Unconscious Woman
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According to a report from, the director, Rob Cohen, was accused of drugging and molesting an unconscious woman. Reported by Huffington Post first on Saturday, the outlet claims Cohen sexually assaulted an unnamed woman, written as "Jane," for the sake of protecting her identity. The filmmaker allegedly assaulted her while she was passed out.

The publication claims that the incident went down in 2015 after Cohen asked her to meet in Manhattan to talk about a TV pilot together. The anonymous woman claims to have felt "fuzzy" after having dinner with the director but continued hanging out with him due to the "exciting career opportunity" she thought she would be given.

However, she remembers only, the article claims, waking up without any clothes on with the director's fingers inside her. The Huffington Post claims that the woman immediately told two of her friends about it after it happened.

Martin Singer, the attorney-at-law for the director, responded to the allegations in a very long letter - 13 pages. Cohen, via his attorney-at-law, wrote that the allegations were "extraordinarily offensive" as well as "defamatory," among other assertions.

Moreover, Singer warned the publication about publishing such a story for the sake of perpetuating a "Me Too media frenzy." This wouldn't be the first time that the director has been accused of such behavior either.

Earlier in 2019, Cohen faced allegations from his daughter, Valkyrie Weather, who claims she was the victim of sexual abuse by his hand as a young girl. Furthermore, she accused Cohen of taking her to see sex workers overseas when she was a teenager. Naturally, Cohen denied these claims as well.

Rob is notorious for his work in the Fast And The Furious film that kicked off the franchise in 2001. Additionally, he sat in the director's chair for The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor, " from 2018. This wouldn't be the first time a Hollywood figurehead faced off against sexual misconduct allegations.

Ironically, footage of Vin Diesel - also from the Fast And The Furious franchise - allegedly sexually harassing a Brazilian reporter, went viral on YouTube, however, he was never directly accused by any women.


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