Riverdale's JK Apa Crashes His Car After He Fell Asleep At The Wheel!

Riverdale's JK Apa Crashes His Car After He Fell Asleep At The Wheel!
Source: Vulture.com

The star of Riverdale, KJ Apa, was involved in a car crash last night following a 16-hour work day in a report from Hollywood Reporter.

The publication claimed that the 20-year-old actor who plays Archie in the series fell asleep behind the wheel of the car during his 45-minute commute home after midnight.

Even though Apa was released from the hospital with no injuries, his car was completely totaled after he hit a hydro pole.

The Reporter claimed his co-star, Cole Sprouse, intended to hitch a ride with the actor but changed his mind at the last second, and it looks like that wasn't a bad decision after all.

After the event, Sprouse recommended a policy change where transportation is provided for the actors after they've been on set.

WBTV's policy is that actors and performers are responsible for their transportation. However, many industry leaders are looking to make that change.

As for the company's response to this idea, they recommend that actors either take a taxi or stay in a nearby hotel - which is probably a much cheaper option for the studio.

In comparative perspective, it's relatively rare for companies to provide transportation for their workers with obvious exceptions, of course.

Despite the accident, Variety reported that the production of the second season of the popular Netflix series is not halted.

Warner Brothers declined to comment on the matter, but industry executives are planning to discuss the incident on Friday, September 22nd. We're glad Apa is ok, and we wish him to be safe in the future!

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