Rita Ora Was Seen Helping Victims Of Hurricane Harvey In Texas; Check Out Her Tweets!

Rita Ora Was Seen Helping Victims Of Hurricane Harvey In Texas; Check Out Her Tweets!
Source: bet.com

Rita Ora has a golden heart. The actress showed lots of support for the victims of Hurricane Harvey as she was spotted helping volunteers filling in boxes with all kinds of donation items at a donation center in Houston, Texas on Wednesday, August 30.

In a pic obtained by TMZ, the songstress can be seen listening to an apparent volunteer talking.



She looked pretty focused while she was holding an empty box with her right hand. She was looking casual in a black T-shirt, and she sported a pair of navy training pants.

Earlier that very same day, Rita took to Twitter to express her wish to help the victims. 'I'm trying to find a Houston Texas shelter in Dallas to go and help before I leave Texas!' she tweeted, before adding, 'I want to help.'

Her fans praised her deeply for showing a sincere intention to help.

'This is why I adore you!! Stay like this and keep what you do cause you're doing great love you,' @isthatzoje gushed. @portugalritaora added, 'i think it is a very good idea!! thank you, Rita, you have a huge heart.'

On the other hand, @Gleeson84 thought it was unnecessary for Rita to announce it on social media.

'And you needed to announce this to twitter and not just do it anonymously because....?' s/he snarked, before adding, 'You're telling me with all the people she has around her they are unable to get this information. Bollocks! She did he same with Grenfell.'

Rita Ora was the only celebrity who offered to help the victims, and Kevin Hart has previously started a Hurricane Harvey Relief challenge saying that he had donated money to the Red Cross and he asked more celebrities to do the same thing.

'I think we've participated in a lot of challenges on the Internet, some meaningful, some meaningless, but we've all done them. I've been a person that's partaken in several of them,' he stated in a video before he called on Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Justin Timberlake and other famous stars to help as well.


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