Rita Ora she's planning to get married in a Bikini

Rita Ora she's planning to get married in a Bikini
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Rita Ora and Taika Waititi confirmed their romance in May last year, and six months later, it became known that the lovers were ready to take their relationship to the next level.

Rumor has it that the wedding of one of the most charismatic couples in Hollywood will take place this summer.

Despite the fact that the future spouses do not disclose the details of the upcoming ceremony, the performer's fans have no doubt: that preparations for the critical day are in full swing.

So, Internet users noticed that recently Rita, who had previously rarely shared her workouts on social networks, increased the load in the gym and noticeably lost weight, which indirectly confirmed the guesses of the fans.

In addition, an insider recently shared with The Sun information about the plans of the bride and groom: "They do not want a big and spectacular wedding, and even more so, they will not scream about it.

They are in love and decide it is time to formalize their relationship. I don't think they were ever happier than they are now."

Recall that the public still does not know exactly how the lovers met each other. So it is noteworthy that until the moment when the paparazzi captured Rita in the arms of Taika, fans believed that the director of the Oscar-winning Jojo Rabbit was raising two children with film producer Chelsea Winstanley when, in fact, the couple quietly broke up in 2018.

In a previous post, It was later reported that they briefly revived their romance in 2019 but soon parted ways again.

In 2018, Rita had a four-month feud with Hollywood actor Andrew Garfield before Andrew asked her for time for a 'more private life.'


A source told The Sun: "Rita has been cut off from the whole situation. Andrew had recently parted ways with her, and it was difficult because they had spent so much time together.

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