Rita Ora Reportedly ‘Ignored’ By The Kardashians During Performance At The PCAs!

Rita Ora Reportedly ‘Ignored’ By The Kardashians During Performance At The PCAs!
Source: digitalspy.com

Is the feud still on? The Kardashians apparently dissed Rob’s ex, Rita Ora while at the People’s Choice Awards! According to an eyewitness, the reality TV family looked really ‘uninterested’ in the singer’s performance!

As you may know, Rita Ora performed her song titled Let You Love Me at the event today and one insider that was there, told HollywoodLife that her ex Rob Kardashian’s family pretended she was not there while on stage.

‘The Kardashians majorly shaded Rob’s ex Rita as none of them watched her perform. They all were not paying attention to her. Khloe just applauded briefly, but you could just tell that they were so uninterested,’ the eyewitness shared with the news outlet.

Meanwhile, previous reports claimed that the only Kardashian son has managed to lose 30 to 50 pounds and he might be considering looking for love again.

‘Rob's going to continue and stay away from the limelight. He likes the life he's living and does not want the extra baggage his last name brings and might bring if he started doing shows again or being on KUWK on a more consistent basis.'

'He would also love to find love again, but he doesn’t want to make it into a game. He wants to meet someone outside of TV. He thinks that's the only way it will work out,’ another source told HollywoodLife.

That being said, would he consider getting back together with baby mama Blac Chyna?

After all, she made it very clear that she’s keeping that option open!

‘Rob is kind of in his own sunken place, so despite what Chyna might say, reuniting with her isn’t really on his mind right now. He wouldn't be open to that at all and truly just wants to be left alone,’ the insider explained.


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