Rita Ora Accused Of Blackfishing As People Are Shocked To Learn She's Albanian And Not Black

Rita Ora Accused Of Blackfishing As People Are Shocked To Learn She's Albanian And Not Black
Credit: Source: Rita Ora/Instagram

Rita Ora is being accused of blackfishing after a post on social media stating that Rita is Albanian and not a mixture of black or Latina has gone viral. Though Rita never claimed anything other than her Albanian heritage, many people falsely assumed she was black and Rita never pretended that she was. She is proud of her Albanian heritage and when anyone asks her about her ethnicity, she proudly states that she is Albanian. Still, many people on Twitter are upset and feel that Rita has been appropriating black culture — especially when it comes to her hairstyles.

Though Rita never tried to pretend she has black or Latina heritage, some are accusing her of knowingly portraying herself as mixed-race by wearing afros, braids, and even styling her hair with edges. You may see an interview that Rita Ora did with Wendy Williams back in 2016 when she addressed her ethnicity in the video player below.

Here are examples of one of Rita Ora's hairstyles and makeup where people are accusing her of "blackfishing" or saying that she is appropriating black and Latina culture and being racially ambiguous.

The tweet below is what started the fury where the poster said that Rita has been blackfishing. She showed photos of Rita wit her hair in braids as well as a blonde, afro wig that Rita wore for Hunger magazine. Now, many people are finding the afro wig offensive and the accusations against Rita continue to be alleged.

You may see the tweet and photos of Rita where she's being called out for blackfishing below.

While many people are accusing Rita of blackfishing there are some who still aren't convinced about Rita Ora's parentage and think that she should have DNA testing done to determine her heritage. Many people don't believe that Rita Ora got her looks from being Albanian.

What do you think? Do you believe that Rita Ora is guilty of blackfishing?

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