Rihanna's Racy Lingerie Photo On The Terrace Shows Fans What Their Queen Is Working With

Rihanna's Racy Lingerie Photo On The Terrace Shows Fans What Their Queen Is Working With
Credit: Vanity Fair

Rihanna impressed her fans during these uncertain quarantine times with some new juicy pics in which she's flaunting her own lingerie pieces. One particular photo in which she's wearing black pieces on a terrace has fans in awe. You can also check out her gorgeous look below.

Lots of fans admire her looks, but some keep asking for new music. This is not the first time when people nag RiRi about dropping some new tunes, as her fans have been asking her for this for a really long time.

But Rihanna said various times that she's busy with lots of projects and she didn't say when exactly she plans on dropping some new music.

A follower priased the singer and said: 'I have never seen a bad photo of Rihanna EVER,' and one other commenter posted this: 'everyone dropping music and she dropping panties😔 see you May 1 tho.'

One commenter said: 'She better keep that since she ain’t drop no album,' and another person said: 'She is living the ultimate single and childfree life I want and admire.'

A fan defended Rihanna against the haters and said: 'Disrespect will not be received about the richest female musician, most influential female artist of the decade, highest certified female artist, humanitarian, billion-dollar brand QUEEN.'

Someone else believes that 'she needs to come thru on somebody remix damn!!!!' and one other follower said: 'Rihanna is the bhaddest female in the hip hop industry.'

Other fans said that they expect Chris Brown to hop in the comments as well.

Speaking of Chris, he's been gushing over his baby mama, Ammika Harris a lot on social media lately.

Ammika has been really active on her social media account these days. She’s been posting a lot of new pics featuring herself and her and Chris Brown’s baby boy Aeko as well.


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