Rihanna’s Man Hassan Jameel 'Tense' About ‘Unpredictable’ Chris Brown - Here's Why!

Rihanna’s Man Hassan Jameel 'Tense' About ‘Unpredictable’ Chris Brown - Here's Why!
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We have learned that even though Rihanna and her billionaire boyfriend Hassan Jameel enjoyed an amazing Grammys night together, they are actually struggling with some issues. Apparently, the man still feels quite ‘tense’ over someone from her past, and that is her ex, Chris Brown.

Rihanna and Hassan stepped out together at the Grammy Awards this year even though they usually keep their romance as private as possible, proving they are still going strong.

But the Toyota heir is apparently stressing out about Chris Brown who somehow is always linked to Rihanna despite their very messy breakup.

‘He’s uncomfortable with her ex Chris lurking in her past,’ one insider revealed.

We know already that supposedly, Brown still has feelings for his ex and that is why he’s been keeping a close eye on her and Hassan.

Precisely because of that reason, ‘Hassan does not trust Chris, and he feels like he is unpredictable when it comes to Rihanna.’

The singer even opened up to her boyfriend about her past with Chris, but that didn’t help with Hassan’s anxiety.

He is still not convinced it is all in the past now.

‘He feels like Chris is capable of trying anything to win her back and that has him feeling uneasy. Hassan tries not to worry about Chris, but knowing he may still love Rihanna makes him feel a bit tense.’

At the same time, the two are yet to officially confirm that they are dating.

As for Chris, rumors say that she is in a relationship with Indonesian singer and songwriter, Agnez Mo.

The two sparked romance speculations when they shared a few flirty pics together.

They were also spotted in public in each other’s company.

Most recently, they had a Disneyland date, and they were caught holding hands,

Do you think Hassan has anything to worry about?


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