Rihanna's Fans Freak Out Thinking That She Just Had A Baby

Rihanna's Fans Freak Out Thinking That She Just Had A Baby
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Rihanna shared a few new pics on her social media account with which she's making fans go crazy with excitement. People start visualizing her as a mom after seeing the photos in which she's holding her friend's baby in her arms.

'I’m so grateful that I was here for your first day on the playground, kid!! Aunty loves you so much already. CONGRATULATIONS to the Davis fam! @jennnrosales you a beast for making this look easy. @the_aa you a champ and a super dope dad. @aaronrodolfodavis I know you not gonna like sharing yo mama, but you get all the new toys, lil bro only gets your old ones so you good! Here’s to baby #JustusJoshuaDavis,' Rihanna captioned her post.

She also shared another photo featuring herself with the cute baby in her arms and the fans who didn't take the time to read the captions of these posts freaked out for a second, thinking that RiRi just had a baby.

Someone said: 'Awwwww Aunty Rih!!!! heart melt!!!!! What a cutie pie!!!! ❤️❤️❤️' and another follower posted: 'Love this! Congrats @jennnrosales ! Can’t wait to meet him 🖤'

A fan wrote: 'girl you almost gave me a heart attack😭' and someone else felt the same: 'Almost thought you had a baby 😂 Congratulations 💕.'

One commenter said: 'My heart stopped for a sec 😂I thought it was her baby bro @_lulii.i.'

People have been asking Rihanna when and if she plans to become a mom and Anna Wintour was a person who asked her the very same thing not too long ago.

In other news, Rihanna announced the launch of her new book called 'The Rihanna Book' on Instagram.

The book is already being hailed as a success and tells the story of Rihanna’s life in vivid, visual splendor.

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