Rihanna's Ex Chris Brown Is Jealous Of Her New Boyfriend Hassan Jameel -- Sings About It On New Track

Rihanna's Ex Chris Brown Is Jealous Of Her New Boyfriend Hassan Jameel -- Sings About It On New Track

Chris Brown is still singing about Rihanna, (and her romance with Hassan Jameel).

Last week, Mr. Brown dropped a few lines on Fabolous' "Flipmode" (Remix) featuring Velous where he talked about being in love with a girl who has a new man.

The father of one said on the track:

"Hit the showers, heat it up, still wide awake
I don’t even know, she say she got a man at home
I love her anyway."

Brown continues by telling the woman that the man she is with is not that in love with her because he has yet to go down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage.

The R&B crooner went on to say: “If that n*gga say he love you like he do. Where your wedding ring?”

The rest of Brown's lyrics go like this:

"Flipmode, I got a new b*tch
Flipmode, all the money I get
Flipmode, you don’t ball like this, hell no
My whole team lit, it’s simple
What you want? Just tell me what you want, baby
What you doin’? Let’s just start with foreplay
When I perform, your shaking make the bed break
Until the the morning
Your lips turn me on, baby
Smoke one with me, let’s get faded."

Fans believe that Brown is not over Rihanna and is jealous of her new romance with billionaire Jameel.

The duo made it official over the summer with a handful of photos that surfaced online showing Rihanna and Jameel sharing a passionate kiss in a pool in Spain.

Since then, rumors have been swirling around claiming that the Babardian star and the businessman are planning to get married and have a family.

A source claimed: “They want to exchange vows to be special to who they are and where they come from, which means Barbados for her and Saudi Arabia for him, probably in Riyadh. Having two weddings is a big possibility.”

The person added: “They are crazy about each other, but they both know that a prenup is a good idea."

It was also reported that Brown is telling friends that he is ready to beg Rihanna to take him back.

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  • kiara
    kiara Sep 11, 2017 9:36 AM PDT

    i dont think that song was about her maybe about karrechan tran

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