Rihanna Takes 'Trash' Donald Trump Out In A New Hot Pic - Check It Out!

Rihanna Takes 'Trash' Donald Trump Out In A New Hot Pic - Check It Out!
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The singer took to her social media account of choice to share a pic in which she can be seen hauling trash bags. As it turns out, the image was supposed to be a diss of Donald Trump since she wrote in the caption: 'We did it Joe.'

It sounds like Rihanna just called the former POTUS 'trash' holding nothing back in her latest post that came after Joe Biden's inauguration.

Somehow, the beautiful Rihanna looked like the hottest sanitation worker despite literally posing with trash.

But in case anyone was confused, she did make it very obvious that her pic was a political statement.

In the caption, the artist and businesswoman included the hashtag: '#WediditJoe,' writing: 'I'm just here to help.'

The hilarious image is just perfect for a meme as well, Rihanna taking out the trash in the coolest way possible.

She was wearing a black bodysuit, a navy t-shirt over it, which read: 'End racism by any means necessary.'

Another great message! As for the accessories that completed her fierce look, Rihanna was also wearing a few diamond chokers and black gloves.

Finally, her hair was pulled back and she was also wearing sunglasses for dramatic effect, even though it was dark out as she posed for the camera.

Fans were amused and quick to shower her with support, sharing their comments over on Instagram.

Here are some of them: 'Hahaha that’s what I’m talking about. I’ll help too.' / 'your shade so grown and conservative now. we love that, lmfao.' / 'Savage.' / 'You successfully managed to not drop an album throughout Trump’s entire presidency. R9 IS COMING.' / 'Also ma’am since he’s gone you gone drop the album in the Biden presidency?' / 'No album under trump presidency… now can you release an album please.'

As you can see, many of her fans used this opportunity to once again request new music from Rihanna! Maybe 2021 is the year when that long-awaited album finally drops!

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